LaserVision Eye Clinic

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The LaserVision Eye Clinic opened in September 2006. The clinic is located at 45 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2 in the city centre of Dublin, less than a short stroll from St. Stephens Green. Situated in a beautiful  listed Georgian Terrace, the clinic's original Georgian features have been delicately restored to create a classical ambiance of comfort and professionalism. There is street parking available directly outside the clinic.

The clinic offers comprehensive eye care including all general ophthalmic medical and surgical treatments. We are specialists in all forms of ophthalmic Laser treatments including laser   for  glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts and macular degeneration .Cataract Surgery and inta-ocular surgery is performed at our Park West operating theatre, less complex  ocular surgery such as minor cysts and lacrimal / cosmetic procedures are performed in our Adelaide Rd office  .

Laser Eye Surgery ( Refractive Laser ) clients within our treatment parameters are advised about the risks and benefits of surgery and what to expect before, during and after surgery.

Free Consultation and Assessment

Clients can book a book a free Laser Suitability Assessment at the LaserVision Clinic . This is performed by a trained and experienced  Consultant Eye Surgeon not an optometrist/optician like in many other clinics eg Optical Express,Optilase,Ultralase.

Laser Treatments

  • Lasik and Lasek treatments are the most common procedures
  • Wavefront customized bilateral treatments is  €2499 (€1250 per eye). 
  • Full cost for both eye treatments will be €2499 (before claiming an additional  20% tax rebate of €500 ). Net cost after tax rebate  for these patients is €2000.
  • Patients with private health insurance such as VHI, LAYA, AVIVA, GLOHEALTH might be entitled to claim certain consultancy fees for general ophthalmic examinations or claim a reduction in the cost of certain ophthalmic procedures depending on the treatments chosen eg cataract surgery is fully covered. Either contact the reception 01-6674778 to clarify or call your individual insurance companies.
  • Our state of the art Visx laser platform in LaserVision Dublin  has corrected the vision of over 14,000 Irish patients

Emergency eye care

Mr. John Fenton FRCSI, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon with the LaserVision Eye Clinic, is based in Dublin and available for all eye emergencies/injuries for both children and adults, seven days a week. For emergency eye care phone 01 6674778


You are guaranteed to be seen by an Irish Consultant Eye Surgeon for initial assessment, pre-operative consultation and post-operatively who is internationaly trained and registered on the Specialist Register in Ophthalmic Surgery with  The Irish Medical Council. The LaserVision Medical team.

Wavefront Lasek/Lasik -at Laservision there is no hidden extra costs and no pricing by prescription


  • many clinics claim treatment cost is dependant on prescription and involve   "price-baiting" to deceive and attract patients who are subsequently quoted inflated prices after consultation. Dont be fooled by this marketing. Laservision treatment costs are not influenced by prescription or the presence or absence of astigmatism.

Other Eye Treatments

LaserVision may offer  alternative treatments for vision correction including intra-ocular lens implants and or  cataract surgery depending upon suitability.These treatments may be covered by Private Medical Insurance

Clinic Audits Available

Audits for Laservision in Dublin show that post-operativly 97% of patients  had achieved binocular distance acuity greater than or equal to  6/6 or 20/20  unaided.

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Parking is available for patients outside the clinic.