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Your first step is to book a free suitability assessment at LaserVision. This will be performed by a trained and experienced Laser Optometrist in addition to one of our Consultant Eye Surgeons. The assessment will include measurement of your prescription (refraction), computerised mapping of your cornea, and additional technical measurements. If you are within our treatment parameters you will be advised about the risks and benefits of surgery and what you will experience before, during and after surgery. We aim to give you as much information as you require to allow you make an informed decision about whether you want to choose laser corrective surgery.

If you wish to book an assessment at LaserVision Dublin call 01 6674778 , email info@laservision.ie or book a consultation.

Please note:

It is helpful to remember to leave your contact lens out for at least 1 week (soft), or 1 month (hard or gas permeable) prior to your assessment, as contact lenses can affect your corneal measurements.

We would ask that you bring your old glasses or contact prescriptions with you. The assessment may last up to an hour. You may have drops put in your eye which may blur your vision so it is advisable not to drive for several hours afterwards.

If you have been found unsuitable at other clinics we are still happy to see you. New developments have broadened the range of treatable conditions.

See the range of prescriptions we treat.

Myopia up to -10 D
Hyperopia up to +6D
Astigmatism up to 6D
Reading ( Presbyopia) up to 3D

45 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2 Ireland
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