Health And Safety At LaserVision

Revolutionary Surgical Treatment Facility: the SurgiCube

1482831611eye-examLaserVision is dedicated to providing the best of technologies to ensure the safety and well being of their clients and their overall treatment experience. A recent state of the art innovation has been implemented in our Dublin clinic: the SurgiCube®.

The SurgiCube® is a patient friendly, easy access stand-alone treatment facility that provides the cleanest fully conditioned air possible for performing sterile surgery. As with every surgical procedure it is of utmost importance to minimize the risk of complications. A procedure in the SurgiCube® guarantees treatment in ultra clean air superior to regular operating theatre environments. It offers ultra clean air where it is most needed: at the operating surface. All important possible contaminations sources such as the client himself and the microscope are being held outside the ultra clean air flow. A safe partition of clean and dirty air flow is constantly monitored and therefore guaranteed.

The SurgiCube® was invented a few years ago by the Netherlands Institute for Innovative Ocular Surgery. Since its successful introduction thousands of patients have been treated in the SurgiCube® and all of them were very satisfied and relaxed while having surgery. A questionnaire showed that over 90 percent of the people prefer to have surgery in the SurgiCube® rather than in the regular operating theatre.

Due to high tech solutions and years of technical improvement a lot of eye surgery procedures became very safe, very predictable and very effective. Positive surgical outcomes have increased dramatically over the years. People turned into clients instead of being patients. Hospitals see the need for change and private clinics are getting more and more appreciated because of their friendly client approach. But when time is there for surgery, the client still has to enter the same complex operating theatre facilities that are used for any surgery. Shortage of operating staff, time and money causes huge logistical problems. Many times you end up on the waiting list for months. And this is where the client becomes the patient again.

Although you carefully select the best clinic and your favourite doctor, you are confronted with a system that does not meet with current demands. LaserVision acknowledged this and invested in the revolutionary SurgiCube®. It offers you high quality, optimal safety, ultra clean air, personal attention, a highly skilled, trained and devoted team and a very comfortable environment to perform top class eye surgery under painless local anaesthesia.